In Australia, John Gollings has been making pictures of architecture for going on forty years. For nearly all the last third of the twentieth century and all of this to date, he has recorded the progress of modern architecture here and elsewhere. No other photographer I know, I will venture, has been as prolific in capturing the essence of the modern Australian building: houses, carparks, sheds, toilets, public buildings, tall buildings, low buildings, wide buildings, freeway walls, road tunnels, cityscapes, John Gollings has photographed them. Often at speed: go in, get the shot, get out.  It is likely that many of the photographs of Australian buildings we see published in books and magazines were taken by Gollings. His pictures are surely among the most reproduced and they have in and of themselves played a major role in shaping our perceptions of modern Australian architecture. They comprise a diverse mosaic of the evolving urban environment and a rich resource documenting the progress of architecture of the last forty years.

Gollings has been the photographer of choice, the go-to guy for scores of architects wishing to have their works recorded. He is the consummate professional-for-hire who can be relied upon to capture the essence of a building, time and time again, to best reflect the architect’s design intent. Practical and pragmatic, one of his great skills lies in his ability to almost always compose the best shot, the one defining image that makes a building memorable, etches it into the psyche.

Joe Rollo
Beautiful Ugly – The Architectural Photography of John Gollings