John Gollings holds a Masters degree in Architecture from RMIT University.

He works in the Asia Pacific region as an architectural photographer, much of the work involving long-term cultural projects especially in India, Cambodia, China, Libya and New Guinea.

He specialises in the documentation of cities, old and new, a lot of it from the air.

He has had a particular interest in the cyclic fires and floods, which characterise the Australian landscape. These have been documented with aerial photography.

A current project involves the re-photography of his own 1973 documentation of all the major buildings in Surfers Paradise using the original cameras and vantage points.

To be launched in 2014 is a documentation of every high-rise on the Gold Coast. This was achieved by Gollings walking from Paradise Point to Coolangatta and taking one image of every high-rise building.

Gollings was the co-creative director 2010-12 of the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Architectural Biennale. This exhibition was called Now and When and compared the existing state of Australian cities, with their counterpoint in the mining holes of the west, to the possibility of a radical, new, paradigm city of the future. This was all photographed from a helicopter in 3D or rendered in 3D using CGI techniques by Flood Slicer, part of the Gollings collaborative studio along with Design By Pidgeon, who designed the graphics.