Born 1944, Melbourne Australia.

John Gollings is a photographer specializing in the built environment including
the documentation of both ancient and modern cities around the world.

He made his first photographs and received darkroom tuition at age eleven.
Later studied Arts/Architecture at Melbourne University and RMIT.

By 1967 Gollings had begun work as a freelance advertising photographer specialising in fashion. This work gradually broadened into large scale location
work and travel accounts.

As his contemporaries in architecture developed their practices, so the amount
of architectural photography increased. While still shooting for leading graphic designers and advertising agencies, he is considered one of the most interesting of Australia's architectural documenters. Characterised by strong formal composition but with a didactic, and wider, contextual viewpoint. Gollings brings the technical resources and craft skills of a very experienced photographer to a discipline which often lacks either a point of view or the ability to express it.

In 1976 he received private tuition from Ansel Adams in his darkroom at Carmel, California. He has taught the use of large format cameras, and lectured on architecture and advertising photography at Prahran College, Melbourne and Sydney universities and Philip Institute amongst others. Recently more time has been spent on longer term projects with academic or cultural significance for books, exhibitions and fine prints.

John Gollings operates from a collaborative design, photography and 3D rendering studio in Melbourne,  Australia and works extensively in Asia. Hotels,resorts and architecture are balanced with large cultural projects such as the documentation of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Vijayanagara in India and art objects in museums worldwide. In between these projects he has shot a lot of fashion and still life.